1. Why do I have to get my owner request form in by March 29, 2018?

The contractor will work on the common service lines that serve units. Knowing in advance which owners wish to participate in the owner option, provide the opportunity to offer the best pricing possible to the owners for the additional services.

2. Why is there only a 24 hour time period in which an owner must make a decision whether to “line” or not after the videoing of a unit’s drain?

A pit must be dug to collect the debris that is collected in the cleaning process before lining the common service line between units. While that pit is open, a unit’s debris from cleaning can be collected as well. Once the collection pit is closed, the line (unit or common) can only be serviced again by re-digging a second pit. This is an unplanned expense and increases the cost to everyone.

3. Can a unit’s drain vents also be videoed and lined during the project?

Yes, an owner may ask the contractor to service these pipes as well. The linear foot charge will apply the same as the drain pipes.

4. Should an owner consider adding the vent pipes to the work done by the contractor?

Since these pipes are also about 45 years old, many have cracks and can cause leaks and rodent entry.

5. Why does the Association and contractor need access to a unit when the owner chooses to not participate in the owner options?

Since all of the sewer lines serve more than one unit, it is necessary to have 2 access points for the lining process. One access point will be the debris collection pit in the green space and the second access point can be the clean out (if available) or accessing the high point of a unit’s drain system (a toilet).

Email Blast 03/12/2018 – Sewer Project Overview

March 12, 2018

To:  The owners of Baywood Colony Villas Association

From:  Board of Directors and the Sewer Steering Committee

Re:  Sewer Project begins


At the March 7th meeting, the Board of Directors approved and signed the contracts for the financing, oversight, and relining of our deteriorating sewage lines.  The project will take approximately 150 days and all Association service lines will be upgraded.  This major project should remedy the countless breaks, back-ups and blockages that have plagued our community for the last several years.


We are happy to inform you that the Association website ( is up and running.  We encourage you to visit the site frequently as there is a section called: SEWER CENTRAL.  This section will have the latest updates on the progress of the project.


Please read the Town Hall Information Sheet and review the owner options application.  All unit owners will have an opportunity to camera and clean their unit drains, and reline the pipes at discount prices while the contractor is on site.  March 29, 2018 is the deadline for notifying SPT that the owner is participating in the project.  An owner must complete the option application form and send to SPT using email, fax, or US Postal Service.


If you were unable to attend the Town Hall on March 8th, a video of the meeting is archived on the Baywood Colony Villas Facebook Page.  We strongly urge that you view this video for additional information.


A Frequently Asked Questions page is found in Sewer Central.  The list will change as new questions are added over the next several weeks.


VERY IMPORTANT!!!!  The Association must have access to all units during the project. Plans are being developed for how the Association will obtain access (keys) for each unit.


Communication between the contractor, Association and owners is critical to making this endeavor a successful project.  E-blasts, announcements on the Facebook Page and “Sewer Central” at the website will be used regularly to provide the latest updates.

If you have questions you may direct them to:


The Board of Directors and the Steering Committee thank you for your support and patience during this long, overdue maintenance.

Thank you,

Bridget Spence
Casey Management
Main Office 941-922-3391
Lakewood Ranch Office 941-727-4698