Our First Hole!!!

April 2, 2018

The first clean out has been revealed!!! First, SPT will transect the pipe and remove a piece. Then, SPT will snake a wire into the clubhouse, the tip is then inflated like a balloon and the “crap” is pulled into this hole. After its cleaned and inspected, it can be lined.

Clean Out in the Pool Deck

The cap has disintegrated over time. The concrete will be cut so  the  hole can be enlarged and SPT is able to clean  and repair.

The new Addition to the Clubhouse

When SPT needs to go!


We decided to look official!!!

April 3, 2018

We decided for the sign to look more official…Although the best estimate was for the work to be completed by Thursday, they need to work an extra day due to more extensive damage.

Cutting thru the Pool Deck

The gas powered saw is connected to water in order to minimize the dust. It cuts through the concrete cap like butter.

The First Hole

After being cut, the concrete is hammered with a sledgehammer and removed. The dirt is removed around the pipe. You can see the pipe on top of the dirt pile. The clubhouse wall is on the top of the image.


Clubhouse Women’s Toilet

April 13, 2018

Looking down from where the toilet used to be in the women’s stall. The fixture was cracked and tree roots were in the pipe. 

5906 Waste Pipe

The waste pipe leaves the unit from the west (Bay) side. This pipe has two bends in it as it leaves the unit. Normally, this pipe would be straight. The pipe loops around the quad and empty into the sewer pipe on Tidewood.

Only a Cartoon

So far, no gators are coming out of the pipes!